Here are some selected works of stuff I’ve created. You like?

  • Forum Equity Partners

    Forum Shot

    Designed, edited, and animated. Created a series of corporate videos for a privately owned investment firm based in Toronto.

  • Squid Jigging in the South China Sea


    Shot, edited, and produced. In June 2015, we participated in the 2nd Annual International Squid Jigging Festival in Terengganu, Malaysia. We sailed to the middle of the ocean to try out the traditional way of squid jigging with local fisherman, media, and other bloggers. Here's what happened!

  • Canals of Amsterdam


    Roamed the streets of Amsterdam on a layover once. Such a unique & beautiful city.

  • Minaret Climb


    Visited the Gaddafi National Mosque in Kampala, Uganda. This is the stairway that lead up to the minaret.

  • Wildebeest for Breakfast


    Witnessed lionesses take down a wildebeest for a meal in the Serengeti. Here is mama lion clearly enjoying her meal.

  • Maasai Hangouts


    A group of Maasia men gathered under an acacia tree. Shot this while visiting a Maasai village in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania.

  • Serengeti Sunrise


    March 2015: Sunrise in the Serengeti before a game drive.

  • Women’s College Hospital

    Women's College Hospital

    Editing & motion graphics. Susan Black, Founding Partner of Perkins Eastman Black Architects, tells the story of how Women's College Hospital evolved over the past 100 years and its exciting state-of-the-art building that will be completed in 2015.

  • World’s First Human Generated Heat Map Logo

    Lancome Luminato

    Shot and edited. This video showcases a project for Lancôme during the Luminato Festival in Toronto. It shows how ad agency, Cundari, created the world's first human heat-generated logo using augmented reality technology. Curious as to how it works? Read it here on an article by Forbes.

  • Helicopter Island, El Nido

    Helicopter Island, El Nido

    Discovered this amazing gem while island hopping in the Philippines. Isla Nublar from Jurassic Park, anybody? Taken on an iPhone.

  • Engagement Ring

    Alex & Nick Engagement

    One of my favourite shots from an engagement photo shoot I did for my good friends. Look at that ring!

  • CraveTO


    Shot & edited. This is a promo video for CraveTO, an event that showcases Toronto's street food and craft beer creators to the soundtrack of Toronto DJs.

  • Coron Sunset

    Coron, Philippines

    Beautiful sunset in Coron, Philippines. Shot from the rooftop of a person's house across from the backpackers I was staying at.

  • Au Pair Adventures Promo Video

    Au Pair Adventures

    Shot, edited, and produced. This is a video I put together for Au Pair Adventures (aupairadventures.com) while on their Western Sun Tour. All shot on the road from San Francisco to Yosemite to Las Vegas down historic Route 66 to Lake Havasu & Los Angeles. Thanks Joe Stebbins for bringing me on board!

  • Mud

    Portfolio - Mud

    On set BravoFact! short film, Mud.

  • Shelf Life


    On set a short horror film, Shelf Life. Directed by Craig Stewart.

  • Girl in a Field


    On set a WWII film shoot.

  • Metric

    Portfolio - Metric

    A shot of Canadian indie rock band Metric at a concert in Peterborough.

  • Petmatch

    Portfolio - Petmatch

    Directed and produced. An informative video created for Petango.com to explain how to use their unique Petmatch service! Visit their website at www.petmatch.com

  • Xcell Mobile Promo Video

    Portfolio - Xcell Mobile

    Wrote, directed, and produced. Part of a series of promotional web videos created for Diallog Telecommunications in Toronto. Check out their website at www.diallog.com

  • Milton 4.0


    Wrote, directed, and animated. Set in an alternative Fifties suburban America, Milton 4.0 is about a runty, little robot that just wants a chance to prove himself. This is my undergraduate thesis film from Ryerson University.



    Shot, edited, and produced. MISSADVENTURES is an all-girls travel show crew from Toronto. Unlike most travel shows, we don’t pack up and leave for months or years. We want to make traveling accessible and doable for girls our age who have full-time jobs and limited budgets. We want to urge them to skip the all-inclusive beach vacation and travel to more exotic places. We do it with humour and style, but still provide valuable tips along the way.


About Kat

I create, design, and shoot things.

Hi, I’m Kat! I’m a twenty-something year old hanging out in Toronto. I graduated from Ryerson University’s Image Arts Film program and I’m currently a freelance video producer doing everything from corporate videos to shooting a travel show (it’s called MISSADVENTURES, you should check it out).

I like… movies, advertising, burritos, pad thai, puns, Settlers of Catan, throwing plans out the window, and anything with an Apple logo.


  • Avid Media Composer
  • Final Cut Pro
  • After Effects
  • Photoshop/Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Lightroom
  • Videography
  • Digital & Film Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Multitasking
  • Waking up really early


  • Commercial and corporate productions
  • Working in an agency environment
  • In-house editing
  • Fly-on-the-wall shooting
  • Crewing on indie productions
  • Going to the airport before choosing a destination


  • Me Video Producing

    Video Producing

    I’ll write, edit, and produce videos from scratch. Whether you want a fully-crewed production or just me with a DSLR, you tell me how much cash you have and I’ll tell you how much effort I’ll put in! Kidding.

  • Kathleen Espiritu Editing

    Editing & Motion Graphics

    Need to turn your raw footage into an Oscar-nominated masterpiece? I can’t promise anything, but I can work on Avid, Final Cut, & Premiere. I’ve actually developed carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • angkorwat


    Specialize in behind-the-scenes and travel photography. You want high-res digital images? You got it! You want hipster analog photos on expired film? You got it! You want polaroids? I do that too…


Written, directed, and animated by: Kathleen Espiritu

2010 Canada International Film Festival – Rising Star Award
2010 International Children’s Film Festival – Best Mixed Media Student Film

2009 EnRoute Air Canada Film Festival
2009 Los Angeles Children’s Film Festival
2009 Kids First! Film Festival



Where I’ve been around the world! Here are the countries I’ve lived in and visited so far.


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