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Hello! It's me, Kat.

I’m a Toronto-based director and video editor. I run a production company, Wow Great Stuff – because when you work with me, your reaction will be “wow, great stuff!”

I have worked in agencies, production houses, caves (editing suites), literal caves (the kinds with bats), up north in the Canadian Arctic, on the backs of camels in the Sahara Desert, on a squid jigging vessel in the South China Sea, 16 hours straight on period dramas, and in boardrooms in the financial district. Basically what I’m trying to say is that I can’t do 9-to-5’s. My doctor said it’s bad for me.

Me at work
Me not at work

When I’m not working I’m probably picking up a new hobby (currently: sewing, but next week it might be glass-blowing) or browsing Google Flights for last minute cheap seats. If you see me with headphones on, I’m probably listening to Taylor Swift.